Custom made service

Did you ever dream about having the perfect leather item that you can keep for a LONNNNNNG time, with your favorite colours, perfect size...?

Well, let me tell you a secret. Yes you can ! And here is where the magic happen.

So how do this work???

I's very simple, below the explanation you will find the price and the option that you want to had to your bag and then you just have to choose which bag or card holder you want. 

for each product you can choose to have it in the same leather or combine two different leather. If you ever desire to have more than two leather on you article send me an email to see if I can do it. 

Last step, you need to select the thread that you want for your product. All the articles are hand-stitched, and handcraft in an artisan way. 

After you purchase your dreaming product I will email you to be sure I have all the information needed to realize it. As I'm working by myself please alow two to three week before shipping. I'll email you the progress of your article to keep you update of the progress.

Please understand that once we both agreed on the custom item I can refund it if you change your mind in the midle of the process.  

If you have some questions or wonder regarding the product that you would like to have do not hesitate to send me an email before doing your purchase.