Designed, hand-made, upcycled

by Amélie Matignon

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  • Designed

    Each item is custom designed by Amélie Matignon, who uses colours and patterns to make sure each piece is a cocktail of timeless design, high quality materials and artisan work.
    The perfect mix !

  • Hand-made

    Leather is such a pleasure to work with and is really versatile. Simple lines of hand stitching creating a collection of long-lasting accessories.
    Amelié's studio can be found in the North West town of Manchester, United Kingdom.

  • Upcycled leather

    Being eco-responsible is why Amélie chose to source leather from sustainable English factories that sell waste leather.
    These beautiful leather skins gain another life with Amelié, creating something special.

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Roller-skate protection doesn't have to be boring.

If you, too, like to roller skate or want to give it a try, get long-lasting, upcycled toe guards to protect your skate that match your personality.

Amélie's skate protection not only looks fantastic, in a wide range of colours and patterns, they also last longer than PVC and they will fit to any skate.